[A2] Zaimki osobowe

There are 3 exercises in this set. 2 drills and a story. Before you start solving them you need to know some facts about Polish word order:

  • if you can avoid one syllable pronouns at the end of the sentence, do it
  • never split “nie” from its verb. If you have only a negative verb and one syllable pronoun you can leave the pronoun at the end – “Nie lubię jej!”
  • two one syllable words next to each other compliment each other and could be places at the end – “Kup jej to!”
  • putting a pronoun at the beginning of the sentence puts extra emphasis on it so something we need to use the longer form of pronouns (ciebie, tobie, jego) – “Ciebie wybieram!” and it changes how our emotions are expressed

To wszystko! Do dzieła!

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