Vocabulary Club

Join the Vocabulary Club!

What is Vocabulary Club? 

Vocabulary Club are weekly meetings on Zoom with a teacher who teaches you new words on A2/B1 level and the group practices them together. 

Is the Club for me?

If you feel you need to revise certain topics or you need to boost your vocabulary to feel more comfortable speaking, the Club Meetings are for you. 

Who can take part in the Grammar Club?

Everyone who is a member of Polski Daily Club Premium. If you aren’t yet you can join here.  and if you already used your 5 meetings a month, you can buy more here.

When are the meetings?

The meetings take place every Sunday at 16:00 GMT+2. The classes last 45-50 minutes.  The details about each meetings are available here.


Spotkanie 1, 07.06.2020

Człowiek – dane osobowe, wygląd, ubrania

Spotkanie 2, 14.06.2020

Człowiek – charakter

Spotkanie 3, 21.06.2020

Rodzina – relacje międzyludzkie

Spotkanie 4, 28.06.2020

Mieszkanie – lokalizacja, pokoje, wyposażenie

Spotkanie 5, 05.07.2020

Mieszkanie – obowiązki domowe

Some topics may be modified due to the needs of the Members of the Club. If you are one of them, please put your suggestion in a comment below. Thanks!

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