The 8 types of Polish neighbours

Poland, especially if you live in the big cities, is a very unique place. If you live in a big block of flats and not in house on the suburbs, you’re bound to have some very interesting neighbours residing in your building… for better or for worse. Check out my list of crazy Polish neighbours below and let me know what you think! 😉


1. Osiedlowy monitoring / housing estate monitoring

She’s aways there. Watching, guarding, judging. Doesn’t matter if you’re going for a Sunday morning jog with your dog or coming back home on your knees wasted at 3 am. She’ll know.


Via “Sąsiadka Najlepszy Monitoring Osiedlowy” on facebook


2. Tupacze / The stampers

Do they wear high hills in the house? Ski boots?? Do they do fitness in them? Why do they hate floors so much? What on earth is going on in that flat above!!



3. Remont? Sam zrobię w weekend! / A flat makeover? Oh, I’ll just do it myself over the weekend!

As that’s obviously the best time to redecorate! Why call the professionals when you can start drilling 6 am Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to starting early, you’ll be done by lunchtime! Maybe this way it’ll take 6 months and not just a week or two, but hey! Think of all the money you’re gonna save!



4. Pani Sąsiadka “Proszę o ciszę Proszę Państwa ja mam tutaj małe dzieci!” / The “Can you keep it down please I got little kids” lady

Doesn’t matter her kids scream dead from the early morning and hit the walls during their rage attacks. It takes one slightly louder youtube video and she’s at your door, throwing her dedicated motherhood right in your childless face.




5. Wbijaj do nas na imprezę Stary! / Dude, come party with us!

There is always this one flat full of partying freshman year students, right? These guys are super cool, they never have any issues with others, but they also don’t see a problem in coming back home from the club at 4 am and turning the music on to dance some more and have a goodnight drink. And bring friends. I mean, who doesn’t love techno, especially on a Thursday night?



6. Ta bardzo zakochana para / That couple very much in love

I understand they’re in love. And that, apprently, this is his last night in the apartment, as tomorrow he sets off to a dangerous secret army mission, which he might not come back from. Or he did just come back from one and they’re so happy to see each other? Don’t be surprised if you’re woken up by loud noises coming from the apartment next to you. The walls are thin. Oh God, but does it have to be every night??? I got to go find my ear plugs…



7. Ta już niezbyt zakochana para / That couple not that much in love anymore

Don’t get me wrong, everybody fights. But not everybody yells, throws plates around and suitcases out of the window. Poles are a passionate bunch, especially when they’re angry. You’re sure to hear the occasional screaming match when the couple next door has a disagreement on something.



8. Ale jak to, nie lubi Pani mojej muzyki? / What do you mean you don’t like my music?

But I’m an artist! And I need to practise! Yes, for at least 4 hours a day, every day. Yes, this one song, because practise makes perfect!!! Ummm, how do I tell them that if they’re not a rock star by now, they’re probably never gonna become one? Am I going crazy or do you also hear the beginning of “Smoke on the water” even in your fridge?



Do you recognise any of the types? Do you want to add any other type to the list? Or maybe YOU ARE one of the types? 😀
Let me know in the comments!

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