[A1] Verbs ended in -ować

If you are a beginner you need to learn how to conjugate different types of Polish verbs. Don't worry there are only 3 patterns (and exceptions ;) ). Here you have one subpattern which is very regular so if you find an infinitive ended in -ować, don't hesitate. Conjugate it like in the examples in the video :)

And now download the exercises:

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Learn Polish with songs, Maanam, Bez ciebie umieram

Cześć! This band used to be sooo popular in ninties in Poland, there is not even one Polish person born before '90 who can't sing at least a refrain from one of their songs. The singer is a very charismatic woman with powerful voice. When I was writing this exercise for you I felt like on a trip to my past, to long travels in my father's car with Maanam casettes in a player. Wonderful music and very easy lyrics!( even for A1 level)  Try to do the exercises and watch the video:

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A1 Giving basic orders in Polish (no grammar)

basic orders in Polish

Cześć! I believe giving basic orders  is very important in daily communication. If you are in the beginning of learning Polish, you will have a lot of grammar tasks to immerse yourself in so you don't need to analyze the forms of the verbs I want to teach you. Try to memorize them - it will be easy because you can use them every single day if only you are in touch with Polish people.

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