Rozmowy z Polakami: Z Liwią o miastach

In this episode I talk to my friend Liwia who lives in Prague about the 3 cities she lived in - Kraków, Budapest and Prague. I ask her what she likes in them and which one is her favourite one! Listen and check out the transcript and exercices!

Z Liwią o miastach

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Real Talks with Poles 9: Z Olą o mieszkaniach

In this episode I talked to my friend Ola about the apartment she bought. She tells us why she decided to get her own place, what the process of looking for one looked like and what disappointed her when she moved in.

In the PDF you will find all the key colloquial and idiomatic expressions explained in English as well as exercises and a vocabulary list. Enjoy!

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Real Talks with Poles 6: Z Kubą o podróżach

Lubisz podróżować? If so, I've got another lesson for you! This time I talked to Kuba who loves travelling especially to Middle East. He tells me about his last trip and what he especially like to do when travels. In this lesson you will learn some travelling vocabulary, 3 idioms and a colloquial expression. Everything is explained in English in the PDF below. 

Real Talks with Poles 4: Z Anią o weekendzie

Last Thursday I talked with Ania about her weekends. I must admit - I was a terrible interviewer. I started all my questions with "mhm..." and "a"! I didn't cut them out because the idea of this project are completely natural, spontaneous conversations so here you go! This time I added my comments in English at the end of the recording so you can learn without looking into the PDF.

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Real Talks with Poles 3: Z Dominiką o jej psie Alefie

In this episode I talk to my friend Dominika about her very cute dog Alef. Learn some pet related vocabulary and just listen to this completely natural, spontaneous conversation we had. In the document I prepared for you I explain to you some choice of words, some useful verbs and expressions you can apply to your daily Polish conversations!

Alef - przystojniak


Real Talks with Poles: Z Dominiką o Krakowie

Last week I called my friend Dominika, who lives in Kraków, and asked her a few basic questions about that city. Listen what she told me and check out the exercises and transcript. I explain some interesting words and phrases in it and you have a chance to understand 100% with the Vocabulary list.

Z Dominiką o Krakowie

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Real Talks with Poles 1: Z mamą o pogodzie

Last week I called my mum, asked her about the weather and recorded it as part 1 of a new project "Real Talks with Poles", czyli "Prawdziwe rozmowy z Polakami". We don't speak super slow here and my mum is not choosing any special words in this recording so you can learn some real phrases and get used to the natural sound of Polish!

I prepared a PDF for you with explanation of some colloquial phrases my mum uses and a list of weather and nature vocabulary. I hope you will enjoy it! 

Rozmowa z mamą o pogodzie

(Sorry for the poor quality of audio. I was too excited about it but I'll make it better for the second lesson!)

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