[A] Zwierzęta / Animals

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Have you even notices children learn names of animals as one of the first words and course books push them away and they are almost impossible to find? 

Not all of us are interested in animal world but they are a huge part of our world so I find it useful to learn some! Here you can do it with a few pretty exercises :)

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PD028 Zwierzęta: przyjaciele, artyści czy jedzenie?


(Hint: If I speak too fast for you, you can choose 0.75 % speed or mail me: paulina@polskidaily.eu)

In this episode you will learn:
- how to say fur, tail, claws and other animal's body parts in Polish
- what does "kura domowa", "święta krowa" and "puścić pawia" mean
- what are arguments of activists who want to ban animals in circus and what are the contrarguments of the owners of circuses
- why I really, really want to have a dog but I can't have one

Write in the comment: Should animals be held in zoos? Should they perform in circus? Why yes and why no?

Go to Quizlet to learn a lot of vocabulary about pets! :

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