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It’s me! Nazywam się Paulina Lipiec and I am here to make the difficult process of learning Polish pleasant and efficient.

I spend my mornings, sometimes nights and usually Sundays recording podcasts and videos, searching for interesting articles, writing grammar exercises and making them less boring (Hopefully, because I’m known of lame jokes). 

I’m also a professional teacher of Polish so I use the content you will get during my own language classes.  

P. S. I love my job! <3

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Other learners confirm

Paulina! I registered to your page and it's wonderful! I've found so many exercises for my level! Thank you!
Student A2, UK
Cześć Paulina! Dziękuję bardzo za Twój projekt! Jest bardzo pomocny. Codziennie robię ćwiczenia z Twojej strony. Bardzo ją lubię!
Ali Mohamed
Student A1, Egypt
To bardzo fajna strona! I was struggling to find a good tutor who would be prepared for classes and provide me some kind of a structure! Paulina helped me a lot and thanks to our classes I also discovered this site and her podcasts! I have been listening to them every day for past couple of months and I feel huge progress! Thank you!
Student B1, Norway

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