Przyimki w Miejscowniku / Prepositions in Locative

Click on the blank and write correct preposition.

Prepositions we use with Locative are:

w – in/ inside ( when there is some closed area)

na – on top/ on / in (on the surface or in an open area or with certain words like : poczta – na poczcie, posterunek policji – na posterunku policji)

o – about

przy – by/ at (very close “obok”. When you have two objects which are touching or are somehow integrated like a chair next to the table, this is the preposition to use)

po – after/ around ( when meaning “around” preposition “po” is exactly about movement without certain destination. Eg. “Kiedy byłem młody, dużo podróżowałem po Europie”)


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