Poles love to barbecue!

It’s a loooooong weekend in Poland again! On Thursday (so yesterday) was a holiday – The Feast of Corpus Christi, which is a bank holiday in the country. Many people take Friday off, and thanks to that they can cherish a 4-days long weekend! And what do Poles love doing during long summer weekends? Of course, they love barbecuing!

Why do we love barbecuing so much? Well, the answer is easy! When the heat is finally here, it’s June, the days are long and the nights are warm, and also – it’s a long weekend – we finally have time to go spend it with the close ones – family and friends! We finally have time for long food preparation, during which we chit-chat, laugh, the kids are playing outside, the grown ups joke around. It’s so much fun! You can go have a barbecue party in your garden, or go to your allotment or to the park, or sit by the river…

Besides that, Poles are very hospitable people! We like when friends come over and when we can host them the right way! Many years, on the grill you’d only have sausages or some lamb chops, but last couple of years grilled fish, cheese or vegetables are getting more and more popular. We like to surprise our guests with new dishes and show off a bit with our culinary skills!

Even though barbecue is kind of a post communist „invention” for us, as it only appeared after 1989, many young people don’t know the life from before barbecuing. Older generations cherish it like freedom! But sometimes they prefer to have an old fashioned bone fire, where you can sit in a circle around it, sing songs or tell scary stories! And you can eat a sausage grilled on a stick above the fire and a potatoe baked in the ashes. And of course, either it’s a barbecue or a bone fire, don’t forget to have a drink! No matter whether it’s beer or something stronger, it’s always good for digestion! 😉

A więc, zdrówko! Have a great long weekend!

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