Beginners | Podoba mi się czy lubię?

Beginners | Podoba mi się czy lubię?

Cześć! A lot  students can't see the difference between podoba mi się and lubię, that is why I prepared this poster for you. You can download it, print and hang anywhere so it reminds you about the differences.

First of all podoba mi się works like Spanish me gusta. It has reversed subject and object. For example if you want to say I like this movie you would say Podoba mi się ten film.  Ten film becomes the subject of the sentence so it's in Nominative and mi is a pronoun in Dative. If we translate it literally it looks like This movie likes to me.

Lubię is easier. It just takes Accusative case.  Lubię polskie filmy. I like Polish movies.

Now: when to use podoba mi się and when lubię?

Watch the video :

Check out the poster:

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