New Online Group Course for Beginners

We are launching a new course online for Early Beginners (non Slavic speakers). I have put some common questions about the course. If you have additional questions, you want a course on a different level or you are interested in the course, please send me an email:

1. Is this course for me?
If you don’t know even basics but you are willing to learn – yes it is exactly for you! 

2. What will I learn?
We prepared a detailed plan for you. Click here to download it.

3. Is this an individual course or a group course.
This is a group course. There will be maximally 8 people in the group.

4. When and where will the classes take place?
All the classes will take place on Zoom, on Saturdays from 9-11:35 AM CET. The course starts on August 8th, 2020. 

5. How long is the course?
The course will last 11/12 weeks. Each meeting will cover 3 45-minutes lessons.

6. What is the price?
The price for the whole course is 1020 PLN / 233€

7. Who is the teacher?
The teacher is Maria Szumera. She is a professional teacher of Polish for Foreigners who also holds master’s degree in teaching Polish as a foreign and second language . She has 4 years of experience with individual and group courses. Maria has been teaching all levels but she loves the most teaching beginners. She also has her own language school. You can find the link to her school here.

8. Which books will we use?
The book used in the course is Hurra Po Polsku 1. You can buy it (preferred) or we will provide you with an online copy.

9. What is the method?
Both Maria and myself work using communicative method. It means we focus on practicing conversations as soon as it’s possible but we also teach grammar. You need to at learn learn the basic grammar to construct basic sentences so if you hate grammar, this course is not for you. Maria is a supporter of Polish only approach. It means the classes will be taught only in Polish (well if you ask for translation, you can always ask directly 😉 ).

The most important thing – learning Polish needs to be pleasant for you. Don’t treat it as another task or burden. Remember – it’s a journey full of great talks, wonderful people and moments of pride and satisfaction! That’s what we want to help you with!

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