Learn Polish pdf – list of printable exercises for beginners

Learn Polish PDF, podcasts, interactive exercises, videos and more.

If you look for study resources, here are the most popular PDFs I’ve prepared for you!

How to work with these pdfs?

  • click on the link 
  • open the exercises and click download
  • print it out and fill
  • then check your answers with the key (every exercises has a key in the same file or blog post)



  • That’s not the end. All my podcasts for beginners come with transcripts which are exercises testing your understanding. Listen to my podcasts for beginners. 

    Do you prefer interactive exercises? Here you can find a list of them.

    Do you want learn Polish pdfs for intermediate students? Click here.

    If you are looking for specific materials on Verbs of Movement, you will love my online course with recordings, pdfs, interactive exercises and videos!fi

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