Klub Gramatyczny

Dołącz do Klubu Gramatycznego! Join our Grammar Club!

What is Grammar Club? 

Grammar Club are weekly meetings on Zoom with a teacher who explains you various grammar problems. After a short lecture you can ask questions about the topic of the week and you can take part in the exercises. The topics are explained in Polish but you can always ask the teacher to repeat in English.

Is the Club for me?

If you want to revise some problematic grammar topics from the list below or even learn them from scratch – yes, you will benefit from the meetings.  You may prepare for them if you want and have some questions for the teacher ready. 

Who can take part in the Grammar Club?

Everyone who is a member of Polski Daily Club (Premium). If you aren’t yet you can join here.

When are the meetings?

The meetings take place every Saturday at 8 PM CEST. The details about each meeting are here.


Who is the teacher?

Patrycja Pałka. She is a friendly, encouraging and very professional teacher of Polish (with an MA in Polish Language and Literature) She has been teaching and promoting Polish language since 2014, first in Poland and now in UK. Her passion for teaching helps her easily connect with people and make the process of learning interesting, effective and fun. She is passionate about linguistics, literature and sport. Ah and she is a herbatnik – a tea lover.


Spotkanie 1, 25.04.2020

Animate or inanimate? What does it mean, how to distinguish between these two gender categories and how to use the case endings with them?

The video and an exercise

Spotkanie 2, 02.05.2020

Jest/ Są/ Nie ma/ Why talking about existence is not so straightforward in Polish and how to make it simple.


Spotkanie 3, 09.05.2020

What is Aspect of Verbs and how would I know which I should use?


Spotkanie 4, 16.05.2020

How to use Perfect Verbs when talking about Future?


Spotkanie 5, 23.05.2020

How can I use prepositions “nad” and “w” with movement?


Spotkanie 6, 30.05.2020

Feminine nouns ended in consonant and how to decline them

Spotkanie 7, 06.06.2020

Double negative in Polish in sentences with nic, nikt, nigdy, nigdzie and żaden

Spotkanie 8, 13.06.2020

Practise conjugations of irregular verbs in present tense

Spotkanie 9, 20.06.2020

Verbs governed by genitive, dative, instrumental and locative cases

Spotkanie 10, 27.06.2020

How to express the English preposition ‘for’ in Polish?

Spotkanie 11, 04.07.2020

Masculine personal and non-personal nouns and what forms of verbs should be used with them

Spotkanie 12, 11.07.2020

Prefixes used with verbs, and their meanings

Spotkanie 13, 18.07.2020

Common changes of letters in declined forms of nouns

Spotkanie 14, 25.07.2020

Do you struggle with declention of nouns like ludzie, zwierzęta or imiona? Join the 14th meeting of the Grammar Club to practise irregular nouns and their declention patterns.

Spotkanie 15, 01.08.2020

During the meeting we will talk about changes of noun forms when used with numbers

Spotkanie 16, 08.08.2020

How to use the propositions ‘do’ and ‘na’ when expressing destination

Spotkanie 17, 15.08.2020

During this meeting of the Grammar Club we will talk about declention of names in Polish

Spotkanie 18, 22.08.2020

Learn how to say ‘both’ in Polish (it’s more complicated than you think 😉 )

Spotkanie 19, 29.08.2020

During the meeting we will talk about adverbs and their usage in Polish 

Spotkanie 20, 05.09.2020

During the meeting we will talk about impersonal verbs in Polish

Test Your Grammar Vocabulary


Some topics may be modified due to the needs of the Members of the Club. If you are one of them, please put your suggestion in a comment below. Thanks!



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