A1.1, Ask me basic questions in Polish!

Cześć! Do you know how to ask basic questions in Polish?  The more advanced you become, the more complicated these questions will get because some of the question words will change cases. It’s important to know how to recognize which form of question words you should use. That’s why I prepared this exercise for you.

The task

In the file you will find 31 answers. They still lack their questions. You task is to ask them and make “the interview” completed.   If you are familiar with Instrumental, Accusative and Genitive you should be able to do that. If you are, CONGRATULATIONS! You can move forward because you mastered the first fours cases.


A1, Ask me a question! 31 answers

Answer key:

A1, Ask me a question! 31 answers, klucz odpowiedzi!

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