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Do you feel your language studying would be more effective if you were more organized?

Don’t worry! I had the same problem!

Nazywam się Paulina Lipiec and  my mission is to make your brain fall in love with Polish! I am a teacher and a  huge fan of language learning. In free time I drink tons of coffee, create study materials for my lovely students and think how to save the world from invasion of English language 😉 

My story

For years and years of learning foreign languages and I was making very slow progress. Why? Because I had a lot of great ideas which sparkled for a second and were buried under tons of sticky notes, notebooks and print outs.

I was studying a little bit here, a little bit there but the knowledge was vanishing from my memory because it was not refreshed in a smart way. Only when I started teaching Polish I realized other people have the same problem and it came much easier to invent a language learning plan when I had to do it for others! In one evening I wrote a plan which saved my motivation and love for Arabic which I use every day and I just looove.  I want to share  it with you now.

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Study with me in more organized way

Download my weekly studying plan
Set your goal
Do all the main tasks
Do all the detailed tasks if you have time
Sum it up in the end of the week

Enjoy your effective studyng!

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