Real Talks with Poles 14: Z Eweliną o serialach

In this episode of Real Talks with Poles I talk to Ewelina about:

  • “The office”
  • personality of characters in this show
  • differences between American and British humor

Fragment of the transcript

Cześc i czołem kluski z rosołem! Welcome to Polski Daily Stories and Talks. If you are listening to this podcast for the first time, let me tell you quickly what are Real Talks with Poles and how you can learn with them. Every two weeks I publish a short conversation with a Polish person. My guests are not prepared and do not know the topic. They speak spontaneously. After we record, I write the transcript and exercises and record an analyzes of key phrases and constructions which can be interesting for you. To make the learning more efficient, download the podcast and exercises from my website You can find the link to this episode in the show notes!
In today’s conversation with Ewelina we talk about British and American humor and especially about TV Show “The office”. If you haven’t watched “The office” you may need a summary. “The office” was originally a British TV show about a mean (wredny in Polish) and lame manager of a group of office employees. In the British version Ricky Garvaise, one of my favourite comedians and the creator of this show, was the manager of the team. Then Americans took the idea and made their own “The office” with Steve Carell. “The office” is a mockumentary what means it looks like a documentary, but it’s fully made up.
Before you listen to this talk I also want to give you a few difficult words because Ewelina spoke in a very advanced and intelligent way so it can be hard for lower level students. After the dialogue I will ask you to translate some of these phrases.

When you are listening, try to find phrases like:
•Poszerzać horyzonty – to broad your mind
•Uderzać w czułe miejsce – to push someone’s buttons
•Postaci or bohaterowie – characters
•Błędne założenia – incorrect assumpions
•Utożsamiać się z kimś – to identify with
•Zawiła relacja – complicated/ convoluted relation
•Ktoś ma coś w sobie – there is something about him/ her
•Trzymać z kimś – to line up behind
•Nadrobić braki – make up for the losses
•Oglądać na siłę – to watch by force
•Humor podany na tacy – humor handed to you

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