PD089 Ignacy J. Paderewski – premier i pianista z burzą rudych włosów

Have you heard about Paderewski before? Probably not but you should!

I don’t think this man is mentioned by any Polish people as their hero. He didn’t kill for Poland and didn’t die for Poland but he did so much for his motherland as not so many others. And he was a beautiful soul and amazing artist at the same time!

In this episode you will learn who was Ignacy Jan Paderewski, what was he doing among the richest Americans and what made him famous apart from music.

In this episode I mention a lot of links so here they are:

Kurs polskiego: https://www.polskidaily.eu/kursy

Opera “Manru”
“Sonata Księżycowa” film from 1937
Fantaisie polonaise sur des themes originaux, Op. 19
Stories from the Eastern West podcast

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