PD028 Zwierzęta: przyjaciele, artyści czy jedzenie?


(Hint: If I speak too fast for you, you can choose 0.75 % speed or mail me: paulina@polskidaily.eu)

In this episode you will learn:
– how to say fur, tail, claws and other animal’s body parts in Polish
– what does “kura domowa”, “święta krowa” and “puścić pawia” mean
– what are arguments of activists who want to ban animals in circus and what are the contrarguments of the owners of circuses
– why I really, really want to have a dog but I can’t have one

Write in the comment: Should animals be held in zoos? Should they perform in circus? Why yes and why no?

Go to Quizlet to learn a lot of vocabulary about pets! :

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