Clothes in Polish (set of exercises)

Learn how to speak about clothes in Polish

Download the board with reading exercises and useful words and use it with your speaking partner to talk about clothes in Polish

Grow your vocabulary with these 10 interactive exercises!

1. Match drawings with words

2.Co oni mają na sobie? Look at the three people and choose which sentence matches their clothes.

3. Listening. Match recordings and pictures.

4. Memory game. Uncover pictures and words

5.Spelling. Write the correct words in the gaps

6. Spelling 2. Match halves of words to create the meaning

7.Crosswords. Find the translations of given words.

8. Hangman. Read the description and type the answer

9. Czasowniki / Verbs
nosić – to wear
mieć na sobie – to be wearing
zakładać – to put on
zdejmować – to take off
ubierać się – to get dressed
rozbierać się – to get undressed

10. * Click on the gap and choose the correct verb

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