About Paulina

About Paulina

Jestem Paulina and chcę Cię nauczyć polskiego.  My name is Paulina and I want to be your Polish Teacher.

Paulina Lipiec - your Polish Teacher
Polish Teacher

As a child I never wanted to be a Polish Teacher. I wanted to be a president because I love people. I thought teachers struggle all their lives with students who lack motivation and burn from inside. They lose their hope and finally give up. Those times I had no idea it’s possible to teach Polish to foreigners who are passionate about our language and culture. To those who have all the motivation and persistance.


After jumping between Polish studies, Czech studies, Middle Eastern studies, for my Masters I chose teaching Polish as a Foreign and Second language at Jagiellonian University because I heard Polish was becoming more and more popular abroad. In the beginning I couldn’t believe it. I know how hard is its grammar and how useless it seems. I was so wrong! During my studies not only I learned how to create materials, lesson plans and how to teach practically from the best professors in the country. I met the most wonderful students from all over the world and each of them had different reasons to study Polish. I fell in love with these people and found my mission – to be their Polish Teacher. 

I got engaged in Glottodidactics Science Circle at Jagiellonian University and started tutor private students. After my first year I got hired by the University during their Summer School. It boosted my passion and I was 100 % sure teaching Polish is the dream job.


After the second semester of my second year I got scholarship to Spain. I started working at a Weekend Polish School in Barcelona. I worked with children of Polish heritage and I learned a lot about multilingualism and polyglotism what became my other hobby.  I kept teaching one-to-one, also giving classes in one (and I think the only) school of Polish in Barcelona.

I came back to Poland in 2015 working on my thesis and teaching in free time. It took me only a couple of month to decide – Poland is wonderful to talk about but I have to experience the world so I moved to Egypt where I got married.

What am I doing now?

Here I am. I live in Cairo, Egypt with my husband and I teach Polish online full-time on Italki and Verbling. I realised how many worksheets I’ve created for the past years and decided to give them a second life. That’s why I created this page. I have a lot of ideas for new materials, podcasts and videos and hopefully you will enjoy the effects of my work. Maybe some of you will choose me for their Polish Teacher too. 🙂