[A2] Który, co, że

Do you also get confused by these three words: który, co, że? If so there are some hints for you:

  • który has to relate to the object of the first clause (if it's not a question word). The second clause after który describes the object.It can be translated to which or who (also colloquially that). For example: Chłopiec, który ma zieloną koszulkę, to mój syn.  It can also mean which: Wiesz, który dom należy do Kasi?
  • że introduces a subordinate clause and doesn't refer to any particular word in the first clause. It can be translate to that. For example: Myślę, że on jest sympatyczny.   Nie wiedziałem, że nie masz pieniędzy.
  • co can refer to an object or a subject of the second clause which is not a person. It can also refer to an object of the first person if it's expressed by coś, to or nic. It can be translate to whatFor example: Wiem, co lubisz.  Powiedz mi, co masz na myśli.

Time for the exercise!

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