[A2] 31 Most Common Polish Adjectives and Adverbs

Comparative and superlative is not so difficult in Polish. You just have to follow multiple rules 😀 One you get them you can fill up the chart with 31 most common Polish Adjectives and Adverbs which I prepared for you! If you are a member of Polski Daily Club you can have a sneak pick and check out the answers in the answer key!

How to make comparative adjectives?

  1. remove the last vowel and add “-szy” at the end
    eg. gruby – grubszy
  2. if the adjective has two consonants before the last vowel, then remove the vowel and add “-iejszy” eg. ładny – ładniejszy
  3. if the adjective ends in “-ki”, “-oki”, “-eki” remove this endings and then add “-szy”
    eg. szeroki – szerszy
  4. some adjectives are long or just difficult to change. Then just use “bardziej” before them                eg. interesujący – bardziej interesujący
  5. Uwaga! Some adjectives will have irregular forms and some will have alternations of consonants or vowels!

How to make comparative adverbs?

Follow the same steps as with adjectives but add “-ej” instead of “-szy” or “ejszy”

eg. ładnie – ładniej, grubo – grubiej

Now time for the exercise!

And here is the answer key:

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