[A1] Liczba mnoga / Plurals nouns

Do you know how to create plural nouns in Polish? If not read the rules and print out the exercises!

Zasady/ Rules:

Neuter nouns: 

  • ending
    -a    eg. jabłko – jabłka, okno-okna

Feminine & Masculine nouns :

  • ending -y after hard consonants: sweter –
    swetry, banan – banany;
  • ending -i after letters k- or g-: bluzka –
    bluzki, waga – wagi;
  • ending -e after soft consonants (like: si,
    ci, dzi, ni, zi ): kuchnia – kuchnie, babcia - babcie and functionally soft
    consonants (sz, cz, dż, rz/ż, l, j, c): kasza – kasze, tramwaj – tramwaje

Uwaga! If a word ends in a set consonant +e/-ie + consonant
like eg. ogórek, you will usually have to remove the -e-/-ie- and then end the
ending – ogórek – ogórki . If a word ends in a set consonant + ó + consonant, -ó-
needs to be replaced by -o-

We are not learning masculine personal plural in this lesson because it has multiple endings and exceptions.


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