A1, Aspect of verbs, Wyszczuplająca miłość


In this exercise your task is to choose one of the given forms of verbs which matches the best the context. The story is about a girl that wanted to lose weight for a man she liked. I hope you will like it.

In most cases you only need to choose between imperfect verbs and perfect verbs(learn about aspect here) but there are also verbs of movement here. These little monsters are not so scary. Just look at this picture and you should be ready to solve it all.

Time for the exercise!

A1, Aspect of verbs, Slimming love, exercise

Download the answer key to check your answers:

A1, Aspect of verbs, Slimming love


Chodzić na siłownię – to go to gym

Czuć (się)  – to feel

Mieć dobre rezultaty na WF-ie – to gave good results in PE classes.

Mieć nadwagę – to be overweighted

Mieć u kogoś szansę – to have an opportunity to conquer somebody’s heart

Nadal/ ciąglę – still

Napoje gazowane – sodas

Okropnie – terribly

Poddawać się/ poddać się – to give up

Podobać się sobie – to like oneself

Poranek – morning

Przytulać/ przytulić – to hug

Siedzieć na kanapie – to sit on a couch

Spędzać/ spedzić czas – to spend time

Uczucia – feelings

Uśmiechnięty – smiling

W końcu – finally

Współlokator – roommate

Zakochiwac się/ zakochać się – to fall in love

Zamawiać jedzenie – to order food

Zamiast – instead

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