[A1] Animate & Inanimate in Accusative

The first meeting of our Grammar Club is today at 8PM CEST! Patrycja will teach the Members of Polski Daily Club how to distinguish between Animate and Inanimate nouns and how to use their endings in Biernik. This is a lesson for beginners but if you are a little bit more advanced - it's good to refresh it! The lesson will be recorded and shared with the Members.

The main groups of verbs which are considered animate (ożywiony)

  1. people (Znam chłopca)
  2. animals (Mam psa)
  3. fish (Jem pstrąga)
  4. fruit and vegetables (Kroję bakłażana)
  5. sports and games (Gram w tenisa)
  6. dances (Tańczę mazura)
  7. cars and other brands (Kupuję Mercedesa. Jem  Snickersa )
  8. foreign words (Włączam laptopa.)
  9. planets (Patrzę na Saturna)
  10. irregular nouns (eg.: kurczak, kotlet, precel, obwarzanek, lód)

Everything what doesn't fall in the categories above is considered inanimate (nieożywiony).

Watch the video of the lesson. The 1. video is public but the next ones will be available only to the Members of Polski Daily Premium

See the presentation, video from the lesson and do the exercise:

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