A1, A2 How to say “both” in Polish?


A lot of students asks me  How to say “both” in Polish? It’s not that complicated. It works exactly like the number “dwa”. Let’s compare them and then practice:

Masculine personal dwaj obaj studenci
Masculine impersonal dwa oba domy
Neuter dwa oba auta
Feminine dwie obie butelki
Group of people of mix gender dwoje oboje studentów*
  • If you talk about a group of people eg. one woman and one man you need to use the last form ” dwoje, oboje“.  There must be adjectives and nouns in Genitive plural following this numeral so dwie kobiety są wysokie, dwaj mężczyźni są wysocy, ale dwoje ludzi jest wysokich.

Practice time!

If you solve exercise in this windows, open it in another tab here.

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