PD026 Sport i sportowcy

PD026 Sport i sportowcy

INTERMEDIATE Do you want to know what "grać w Małysza" mean? Do you want to know why do I think Aleksander Doba is the most impressive Polish athlete and what I think about "żużel" and "wyścigi Formuły 1"? Listen to this episode and you will:

- learn plenty of vocabulary about sport
- get to know the most popular Polish athlets
- maybe understand why we love ski jumping sooo much in Poland :)

This episode comes with a Quizlet list to study :https://quizlet.com/_54z3rl
and on my Instagram @polski_daily I will explain you some of the key expressions from the episode.

Aleksander Doba's website which I mention in the podcast: https://aleksanderdoba.pl/
An article about him in NYT: https://goo.gl/LQGpEV


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