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Cześć, jestem Paulina.

My name is Paulina, I teach Polish to wonderful students and I help them achieve the fluency creating engaging, interesting and people-friendly online resources.

I created this page for you to make your learning process a fun journey not a boring task! In this platform you will find a lot of resources for all levels: podcasts, short stories, recordings of conversations with natives with exercises, reading, listening, grammar exercises, live lessons and other events. You can decide which topic you want to practice and what you are interested in! I keep adding new content every week and I'm always open to your suggestion :) 


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I discovered Paulina's podcasts on the Podcast portal Spreaker and it has been a revelation. She has one of best online pages for learning Polish. Her voice is clear, her content is great, relevant, interesting, and very clearly explained. And she is a gentle soul, which is always a plus =) Highly recommended! Luca Lampariello
Polski Daily jest to co potrzebowałem aby nauczyć się polskiego w taki ciekawy sposób. Metodę uczenia się języka są odpowiednie dla mnie i mój poziom, a dzęki podcastom i klubu filmowego, mówię coraz płynniej. Szczerze polecam.
I have been using Polski Daily since it was set up and it really is the best website for learning Polish. Paulina is a great teacher and always there to help me on my journey with the Polish language. Richard z Irlandii
I have been listening during more than a year and a half the podcast of Polski Daily because These help my a lot to have contact with the lenguage, finally I have decided to subscript because I think that I need to do one step more and specially the transcriptions can help me a lot to improve and get my challenge. Laura
Perfect lesson - just what I needed as a beginner. Unlike some of the resources I had been using that only taught vocabulary, Paulina taught me how to actually have a simple conversation. Thank you!
The lesson with Paulina was again good prepared. I started new with the book, and we tested at every chapter what i already knew and if we could skip some parts. At the end of my lesson she gave me homework and some advice on what I have to work. I am already looking forward to the next lesson. Dziękuję bardzo paulina!
Ceść! I've taken a total of 27 lessons with Paulina and before that I didn't know almost ANY Polish. However, with Paulina teaching methods which are supportive, gentle, and professional. My Polish has drastically improved and continues to improve with each lesson. She provides me with plenty of examples and exercises to do in order to improve my Polish skills. Also her lessons will instruct you on the correct usage of grammar and syntax. It's been a true pleasure having Paulina as my Polish teacher and I will continue to take many more lessons with her. - Javier

Recommended exercises

[A2/B1] Popularne kolokacje z czasownikami

[A2/B1] Popularne kolokacje z czasownikami

In this post you will find a video and a  PDF with 80 popular Polish collocations with verbs and another PDF with an exercise. Miłej...
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100 basic Polish verbs

100 basic Polish verbs

I prepared a list of 100 popular verbs with both aspect forms, tips about conjugation, examples and space for your examples. Learn these ones and...
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What do you need to know on level A2 in Polish?

What do you need to know on level A2 in Polish?

Do you remember the post about What do you need to know to A1 level?  If you already know everything from that list, here comes...
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